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Work with Firebase Cloud Functions


* Installing Firebase CLI
$ npm install -g firebase-tools

* Initiate A New FirebAse Cloud Functions Project and then login
$ firebase login

* Now you’re ready to create a new Firebase Cloud Functions project. First create a new empty project folder
$ mkdir fb-functions

* Then change into the newly created folder
$ cd fb-functions

* Execute the following command
$ firebase init functions

* You’re being asked to select the Firebase project you would like to use for the Firebase Cloud Functions project. You can also select the entry [create a new project] if you would like to add a new Firebase project to your account:

* The Firebase CloudFunctions project has been setup successfully initiated.

# To deploy our project to Firebase
$ firebase deploy –only functions

# To Test in local emulator our project
$ firebase serve –only functions

Firebase Cloud Functions – Triggers


#To Registered Realtime Database Triggers (functions.database.ref)
exports.newUserCreated = functions.database.ref(‘/messages/{userID}’).onCreate(event => { … });

#To Registered Authentication Triggers(functions.auth.user())
*user is created
exports.newUserCreated = functions.auth.user().onCreate(event => { … });

* For Update “onUpdate” , for Delete “onDelete” etc

exports.storageChanges = => {…});

#To Registered HTTP TRIGGERS (functions.https)
exports.httpTest = functions.https.onRequest((req, res) => {…});

#To Registered Analytics Triggers (
exports.onPurchase =‘in_app_purchase’).onLog(event => {…});